Rules of Play

AGE LIMIT – Children must be under 12 years and under 1.48 metres (4’ 10”). Entry ticket qualifies patrons for a play period of One and a half hours.

ESCORTS – A child must be escorted by an adult and an adult must accompany a child. Party guidelines are 1 adult per 5 children.

SUPERVISION – Children must be supervised at all times by the parent or responsible adult accompanying them. Snakes and Slides Ltd does not accept any responsibility for child supervision whilst on our premises or using the equipment.

ADULTS PLAY - Adults are permitted to enter the play equipment with a child. Adults must remove their shoes before entering the play areas. We request parents utilise the shoe holders provided to prevent any accidents. Adults must also wear socks in the play areas.

DRESS CODE - It is compulsory to wear socks at all times in the playframe. An extra pair of socks may provide added comfort. Shoes, jewellery, badges, pens/pencils and any sharp objects must be removed. Clothing with sharp metal decoration may not be worn. To avoid friction burns, we recommend legs, arms and feet are suitably covered. Snakes and Slides Ltd cannot accept responsibility if the child’s escort decides otherwise.

PLAY EQUIPMENT - It is important to follow basic rules when on the play kit. Children must go down the slide in a forward facing position. They must not push or be pushed by other children. We recommend that children fold their arms when travelling down the slide. Under no circumstances should children or adults attempt to climb up the slide from the bottom as they could be hit by other people coming down.

FOOD AND DRINK – Food and drink must not be taken into the playframe at any times. Children and adults must not eat sweets or chew gum as this could be very dangerous. We request that all eating is restricted to the Bistro eating area. Crockery and cutlery are restricted to the bistro eating area only. Only food and drink purchased from our ‘Bistro’ may be consumed on the premises, except for babies under 12 months who are still weaning. We provide facilities to heat baby food but we cannot be responsible for the temperature at which the food is fed to the child.

CLEANLINESS & HYGIENE – Keeping the centre clean is very important to us. If any food or drink is accidentally spilled in the Bistro area, please advise us immediately. Whilst our toilets are inspected regularly, if you are not satisfied please advise us.

BABY CHANGES AND FEEDING - It is not permitted to change nappies in the public areas. We have provided a baby changing room for this purpose. This room can also be used as a comfort room for breast feeding.

FIRE - Children are not permitted to carry matches, fireworks or any combustible material anywhere in the play centre.

BULLYING - No form of bullying, unsociable or rough behaviour will be tolerated by either children or adults. Anyone causing such behaviour will be asked to leave. The decision is at the discretion of the management and no refund will be given. It is also unacceptable to cause damage to the playframe structure. Anyone doing so will be refused entry in future.

NO SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted in any part of Snakes and Slides including the car park. Toilet areas have smoke detectors fitted.

UNWELL - Children who are injured, ill or nauseous are not permitted to use the play facilities. All children should use the toilet before entering the playframe.

ACCIDENTS – It is a condition of entry that any accident is reported to a member of staff and recorded in the accident book. It is important to follow the safety rules when using the equipment. Running is not permitted within the play centre.

POSSESSIONS – Snakes and Slides Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for the loss or damage to any personal possessions.

LIABILITY – Snakes and Slides Ltd does not accept responsibility or liability for loss or injury caused through misuse of equipment or lack of supervision by a parent or adult.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Filming and taking pictures is strictly forbidden within Snakes and Slides unless a party in a party room is being filmed/photographed. All other areas are not to be photographed to protect children’s privacy.


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Customer Information

Wednesday 14th August: The centre is hosting a private party today and so will open at the later time of 12:30pm. Please also be aware that our monthly Once Upon a Smile bereavement session is also scheduled later today so the centre will close early to the general public. Last admission will be 3:30pm, close at 5pm.

Changes to weekend closing time throughout summer - please be advised that the centre will close earlier than usual on weekends throughout July/August. Last admission on Saturday will be 3:20pm (closing time 4:50pm), last admission on Sunday will be 2:20pm (closing time 3:50pm).
All of our opening times, including those above, are subject to change and we do close early on occasion. To avoid disappointment we advise all customers to call in advance of their journey. Our telephone number is 0161 653 1221.